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 Our mission is to provide a top quality education for each student in a warm and comfortable setting- their own home. Our personalized one-on-one analysis allows students and tutor to target specific study skills and focus on the education and uplifting of each student.
Our tutors take pride in supporting student's strengths and in correcting and eliminating their weaknesses. Our tutors are NYS certified specialists who are highly qualified to teach in each specific subject area, based on your child’s grade level. Parents can have peace of mine knowing that their children are receiving a high quality education with a service that is expert, warm and caring.Founded by Mr. Anthony, an accredited entrepreneur and Mrs. Duncan, a credentialed veteran teacher with a BA in Early Childhood, a Masters degree in Special Education, a Masters degree in Educational Administration and Supervision, and a Masters degree inReading, Another Young Scholar Tutoring, is committed to developing the young minds of tomorrow.  Another Young Scholar Tutoring employs tried and true traditional educational techniques, as well as the most modern educational innovations, to instruct and teach children. Mrs. Duncan believed that, although many teachers do an admirable job in the classroom, many children do not obtain basic skills in traditional institutions, this is often due to the fact that many children don't respond well to the assembly line nature of most institutions. She believes that a child's strengths and natural ability needed to be the foundation of learning, warning against a "Cookie Cutter" approach to educating children. At Another Young Scholar Tutoring, your child is seen as an individual, and natural strengths are identified and built upon. Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Duncan, the directors and owners of Another Young Scholar, LLC, are themselves the parents of four beautiful children.
As a ten year veteran with the NYCDOE, they are fully aware of the day in and day out obstacles that students are faced with each and every year. Standardized tests, projects, and daily curricula place a heavy burden on students during the year, often leaving many children behind, and/or neglecting the considerable strengths of many children. We hope that Another Young Scholar Tutoring, LLC. can help ease the tension that students face and make their academic adventure a much more successful endeavor. All of our teachers subscribe to the same philosophy that children need individual attention and a specifically tailored tutoring experience. Our teachers are experienced, and go through a rigorous screening process before joining our team.Another Young Scholar Tutoring, focuses on building confidence, creating motivation, helping the child stay on task, and helping the child with test anxiety, and with problem solving skills. Teachers share successful strategies with students, teaching them internal educational techniques and processes that enable them to succeed on their own. Our friendly, warm, and enthusiastic teachers create a safe and supportive atmosphere for your child.

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